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Music Equipment

Music Production Courses

Crash Course

We’ll teach you everything there is to know so you can make a track on one of the most popular softwares for electronic musicians.

Why You Should Join the Crash Course

The basic production course will take you from being a novice to being able to produce a track by the end of the course. The program not only focuses on teaching students to be a producer but also equips them with the theory so they can apply it to any style of music. The producer program teaches students the following:







Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to DAW

  • Understanding MIDI & The Keyboard

  • Creating Groove / Drum Patterns

  • Editing Tools & Techniques

  • Simple FX & Automation

  • EQ & Compression

  • Making DIY Acapellas & Simple EQ Techniques

  • Understanding Basslines & Melody

  • Arrangements

  • Mixing & Mastering

Equipment & Software Required

  • Abelton 10 or latest

  • NI Kontakt

  • Omnisphere

  • Trillion Library

  • Serum 

  • Mac / PC

  • MIDI keyboard 25 Keys

  • Good Pair of Mixing Headphones

  • Studio Monitors

  • Audio Interface of your choice



Adarsh Rao

Producer / Composer / Director

Co-Founder at Keys and Blacks

In - Person



Limited Batches

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Train under India's best artists

( Including GST )

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